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Introducing Bogdanov’s Method

Restoration of health and Development of internal potential


We invite everyone to an informative meeting dedicated to the Restoration of Health and Development of Human Potential by the Method of Valery Bogdanov.

Assistants and patients will share their experience of the Recovery System. A method that restores both physical and emotional health at the genome level and reach your full potential!

  • The duration of the event is 1-1.5 hours
  • Please register to visit
  • Limited number of seats
Author of the Method

Valery Bogdanov

Valery Bogdanov successfully integrated modern medicine with Oriental Medicine in his Method. The European medicine and the thousand-year experience of Tibetan practices in improving health and reaching inner potential are available for Europeans now. The Method is based on the energy blocks elimination and the launch of the Genome Recovery System. The Method helps to achieve absolute Health and Longevity.

Introducing The Method

Stages of the Method

Those who are established in the Dharma can move on to the stage of Stopping the aging process of the body

Laid down by nature in every person born on Earth. Dharma or Destiny Achieved through the “Development” stage

“Development” stage starts after Maternal Genome is fully Recovered and has the same condition as at Birth.

Achieved through the “Recovery” stage.

Maternal Genome must be Recovered first, if there was a change of at least one gene in the process of Life. Restoration is achieved through “Starting the Recovery System”

Recovery System is launched by Master to repair faulty Genes

This is the case when modern medicine says there is nothing we can do. Stage, when distortions in the genome have reached such levels that each subsequent cell division leads to a new inoperable cell.

And we turn on such powerful technologies, when the work of the genome, passing the critical point in reverse order, restores the ability of a cell of an organ, or system, to perform its function.

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